Technology is not enough to guarantee excellence. For this reason SITA Compositi puts the passion in his work as a driving force

25 years of experience and continuous development

SITA Compositi s.r.l., born by S.I.T.A. Società Italiana Tecnologie Avanzate s.r.l., has twenty five years of experience in processing and manufacturing of rolls, cylinders, sheets and semi-finished parts made of composite material in carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar or alutex.

Thanks to its advanced know-how and the use of cutting-edge technologies in the transformation of materials, SITA Compositi s.r.l. is more and more appreciated by its customers.

The manufacturing process, from project definition to procurement of raw materials (prepreg) and processing into manufactured products, is fully developed in SITA Compositi by his staff of skilled technicians, within the structure of Casale sul Sile (TV), which holds the production shops and administrative, management and design offices.


Flexibility, innovation, timeliness and certified quality are the hallmarks of SITA Compositi s.r.l. work.

Twenty-five years of experience with enterprises and industry firms in various fields have made the company grow and improve in the field of structural composites manufaturing that require high quality standards and technical specialization.

Reached a position of leadership in the production of rollers, SITA Compositi s.r.l. has never stopped exploring new fields of application and investing in innovation and expertise.
The company has joined the professional growth of technological development in close collaboration with its customers both in product development, both in speed of response and quality of service.