High Performance Composites.

A composite material consists of two or more components, by different nature and with many properties, suitably processed. If the fabrics used for the construction of a composite material have fibrous nature, such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar fibers and these “reinforcement” is associated with the grafting of thermosetting epoxy resins (“matrix”), you can consolidate the fibers themselves, making possible the transformation.
Through special processing, SITA Composites s.r.l. manufactures composite materials, more efficient on the market in terms of strength, stiffness and lightness.
The fibers can be arranged in the form of fabric or with unidirectional orientation, depending on the uses to which the products are intended.
The process by which the fibers are joined to the resins takes the name of impregnation. SITA Composites s.r.l sources exclusively of textile fabric impregnated through industrial processing procedures subject to strict controls and from certified vendors.

Composite materials in carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar and alutex.

Carbon fiber

  • Among the characteristics of carbon fiber stand the high mechanical strength for the same weight, resistance to the action of chemical agents, excellent flame retardant properties.
  • The pipes and profiles made ​​of pre-impregnated carbon fiber are used in different areas, for example for the production of furniture design or wind turbines, in the construction of lightweight bicycles or roller bearings for rotary machines.

Application fields


  • The glass fibers are used in the production of technologically advanced structural composites, particularly suitable for automotive, aerospace and marine.
  • The artifacts in glass fiber possess excellent elasticity, high mechanical strength and low density.
  • Result to be very cheap, so are an excellent alternative to other more expensive materials.

Application fields


  • Kevlar, called also twaron, is a synthetic aramid fiber characterized by high tensile strength, resistant to impact and corrosion. The pipes and Kevlar laminates do not have electrical conductivity and are heat resistant.
  • Kevlar is characterized by a high resistance to shocks, a peculiarity that makes it suitable for the construction of sports equipment, such as motorcycling and boating, and components for aircraft.

Applications fields


  • Used especially in the areas of design, interior lighting, furniture, alutex stands out for its excellent aesthetic properties which, together with technical features, make the alutex a particularly durable and resistant material.
  • Alutex results from the processing of the glass cloth with a process of aluminizing, which keeps unchanged the requirements of workability and compactness of the resins with fiber.

Application fields