Application fields of composite materials

SITA Compositi s.r.l. cooperates with Italian companies in order to support their business development and their enterprise value, through a range of services and specific solutions for every market, with the aid of expertise and skilled manpower.
SITA Compositi s.r.l. supplies composites products that feature exceptional structural strength and rigidity, excellent corrosion resistance and at the same time extraordinary lightness, for applications in various industrial sectors.

Carbon rollers for the textile, paper, grafic industry

Textile, Paper, Grafic industry

For the industrial application where rollers and cylinders are the beating heart of the process, like paper printing and converting, weaving etc., Sita Compositi s.r.l. realizes high-performance customized products.
Rollers made with composite materials guarantee very high speeds of rotation and maximum reliability in terms of safety and economic efficiency.

  • rollers
  • plates and various section bar
  • molded parts
Carbon tubes and tanks for the mechanical and petrochemical industry

Mechanical and Petrochemical industry

Sita Compositi s.r.l. collaborates with important customers that operate into mechanical automation (electronics, automatic machines, biomedical sector, robotics) and petrochemical industry.
Composite materials are the ideal alternative of stainless steel or other metals, that are subjected to very high loads or to corrosion peculiar of very aggressive environments.

  • tubes and pressure tanks (in alternative of stainless steel) 
Carbon fiber components for the nautical sector


The nautical sector, especially the futuristic one, is a field where only excellence live. The carbon fiber parts becomes decesive elements to guarantee resistance to mechanical stress and at the same time lightness.

  • tanks for seawater desalination
  • rudders
  • booms, shafts, bowsprit and pole
  • sail boat awnings
Components and carbon fiber accessories for sport

Sport, leisure

Where sport is: performance, attention to timing and optimization of efforts; composite materials enter the field, because they enhance athletic performance allowing the achievement of results.

  • paddles and accessories for canoes and kayaks
  • type of bicycle frame
  • roller skates
  • insoles for trekking, climbing and cycling shoes
  • motorcycle boot protections
  • soccer/ski shin guard
Components and accessories in carbon fiber material for furnishings


Carbon fiber, expertly processed and combined with other finishing materials, allows to create unique solutions to design furniture for indoor and outdoor use.
The furniture and accessories live seasons of intense change. Aesthetics and functionality compete on an equal footing in this area and the use of composite fibers creates products and taste that will satisfy even the most advanced designers.

  • design furniture, chaise longue
  • sheets for veneering
  • lamps
Components and accessories in carbon fiber for the medical and orthopedic

Medical, orthopedic

Disabilities have had unimaginable technological evolution in the past decades. In many cases the handicap itself is lived in a conscious way and as a challenge to win the limits.
Carbon, due to its characteristics of lightness and strength, can do much to this world and its applications make it easier for what seemed impossible.

  • wheelchair parts for disabled people
  • sheets for X-Ray machines
Jewelry, belts and carbon fiber components for eyeglasses and jewelry

Eyewear, jewelry

The trends and fashions, always looking for new, cannot be indifferent to the decorative appeal of alutex and carbon. The three-dimensional effect of the finish enhances the design of products with high yields in terms of appeal.

  • semifinished for eyewear
  • clocks components
  • straps
  • jewels
Components and carbon fiber accessories for cars and motorcycles


In the automotive, the possibilities of application of the composites in fiber are wide both for reasons of performance that for aesthetic and design.

  • rims for cars and for motorcycles
  • silencers for motorcycle and scooters
  • accessories for interiors and exteriors
Wind turbine blades in carbon fiber for the sector of renewable energy

Renewal energies

In the field of renewable energies, the exploitation of wind power turned out to be increasingly important.
SITA Composites s.r.l has a specific know-how in this area where the calculations of energy yield impose certain standards.

  • wind turbines and related supporting structures, lighter and more durable if made ​​of carbon fiber, therefore more efficient
Carbon fiber components for the aerospace industry

Aerospace industry

In aviation, composite materials are widely used mainly due to savings in weight and high resistance to stress corrosion.
The intrinsic properties of the carbon and composite materials play a key role both from a structural point of view that aesthetic.

  • tubes for aerospace applications
  • molded parts
  • frames for gliders